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The Future State of Quality: Becoming an AI Driven quality organization. We deliver automation of visual inspection, retaining the power of human intelligence, to enhance quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

About Us

Jidoka, a principle that advocates “intelligent automation”, is at the heart of our products where we combine Artificial Intelligence with Industry Automation to deliver cutting edge solutions. We specialize in automating the detection of visual defects – a process that is highly subjective by nature across industries. Experience the most comprehensive solution – on your road to achieving Jidoka.

Our Popular Products

Our AI defect detection and analytics software – Kompass can be integrated with a variety of automation.



Twin linear conveyor system with part flipping mechanism



Rotary table design with glass top



Stand-alone inspection station with manual loading and unloading

Our Expertise

Deep learning

Deep Learning

A subset of Machine Learning in AI: we teach machines to learn by example. Ability to teach the variations in the visual nature of the components and defects & to handle drifts in the processes.

Machine Vision

Getting the perfect imaging for any application and using image processing techniques to best augment AI is at the core of our solutions.

Inline/Standalone Automation

We provide turnkey end to end solutions: we design, build and integrate any automation required for the project.


We can integrate our software with existing cameras for machine vision or we can integrate our software and cameras with available automation.


Cutting edge AI-driven analytics to aid root cause analysis to solve for the defect occurrences and live monitoring and report generation functionalities.

Customer Experience

Well defined implementation process to go from a ‘proof of concept’ to production & patented algorithms and workflow. We also offer software as a subscription.

Industries We Serve


Surface Inspection, Shape or part mix-up Inspection, Part counting applications, Dimension Check, Wet Leak Inspection, Radiography based Inspection, Assembly Inspections – for all varieties of components and assemblies like forgings, machined/ground components, castings, plastics, rubber, etc.

General Manufacturing

Inspection of machine tools, drill bits, watch cases, metal fabrics.


Tablets & capsule inspection, packaging verification, liquid inspection, surface inspection of medical devices such as needles, sutures.


Inspection of fabrics, apparel either in the raw material stage of final inspection for defects like colour variations, smudges, threads missing, stitching defects.


Defects in printing labels, stickers for defects like colour offsets, spots, streaks, smudges, colour dots, contaminations.


Ore sorting in mining industries, vision inspection in food processing & FMCG.

Success Stories

Our next job is to convince our Italian JV Partners that production scale AI solution delivered by an Indian company is successful. They have never bought anything – hardware or software – from India.


COO, Mudhra Fine Blanc

We have tried with traditional machine vision & invested a lot but the intelligence was missing. We are integrating Indian software on an imported machine.


CTO, Indo Schottle

Jidoka’s implementation process is excellent. They stayed with us and ensured our teams were well trained and the accuracy is well established and accepted across 40+ part variants.



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