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Inspiration, Professionalism, Perseverance and Dedication – these are the core values that define Jidoka culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business. Here at Jidoka Technologies, there is no doubt that its leaders are a winning team with a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of engineering and technology and IT.

Deep Learning

The task of visual inspection using traditional machine vision is not only error prone but also time consuming for identifying visual defects. It is no surprise that the industry is turning to Deep Learning technology.

  • Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence – it teaches machines to learn by example
  • Multi-layered deep neural networks that mimic neuron networks in the human brain
  • Ability to recognize images, distinguish trends, and make intelligent predictions and decisions
  • Continuously refine performance as they are presented with new images
  • Distinguish unacceptable defects while tolerating natural variations in complex patterns
  • Combines the flexibility of human visual inspection with the reliability, consistence and speed of a computerized system
Deep Learning

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is an integral part of the systems we develop. Our product selection is guided by our expertise in cameras, lens, lighting and our software systems and designed specifically to suit every individual requirement. We specialize in optimizing the solutions for vision problems by combining customized machine vision programming with our deep learning algorithms to extract the best in class output.

Customized Automation

Every machine, assembly or product is just not the same. So is the case with inspection. We make our product design robust so that it can accommodate most kinds of products, surfaces and production rates. Our product offerings, including the camera, lighting, material handling & material feeding solutions can accommodate any challenging component or defect. The product can be customized to be cross product and cross defect compatible. We have dedicated teams for design, fabrication, PLC programming, panel building, commissioning and service.

Although the automation will have a degree of customization for every project, broadly we have three sets of product designs –

  • Twin conveyor design – Tigris
  • Rotary table design – Huron
  • Semi-automatic standalone station design

Data Analytics with Customized UX

Collect and analyze inspection data based on user roles. We deliver customized dashboards for Management, Quality Assurance, Supervisor and the Operator so that the right information is presented to the right people at the right time. Users can analyze data on various products, types of defects, severity, occurrence and generate reports. There is no error in data collection and it is presented in such a way so that the customer can spend their energy wholly on analysis and corrective actions.

Real Time Quality Control

The basis for Quality Assurance is effective Quality Control. With real time insights at various levels, the unreliability on the veracity of data is removed one hundred percent. Online statistical process control charts, key performance indicators are tailored to the needs of the customer. Users can therefore proactively monitor and escalate issues at the right time which leads to true Jidoka – highlighting the causes of problems because work stops immediately when a problem occurs.


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